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Jam label is an independent advertising medium. Its attractiveness largely determines the demand for a particular product. It is recommended to take seriously the production of labels for jam. 

Do you want to get guarantees of the quality of printed products, the effectiveness of marking materials as advertising tools? Order jar jam labels from the Pixel Art printing house.

Types of can labels and their features
Labeling jam jars is not much different from labeling any other glass or plastic container. Labels can be applied to the surface automatically or manually. The method of application is determined by the specifics of the production (packaging) of the product. We can discuss your task and order right today - just call us +919833989800

Various jam labels can be used for labeling. They are divided into several types:
  • self-adhesive paper labels;
  • self-adhesive film labels;
  • special protective labels;
  • additional information labels.

The first ones are made on self-adhesive paper. It can be matte, semi-glossy. The material is available in various thicknesses. This applies to both the base and the adhesive layer.
Film labels are also made on self-adhesive. They differ from paper ones in the material of the bases. Polymer film increases the cost of the label, but is durable.
For the production of both security and additional labels, both paper and film are used. The base material is determined by the preferences of the printing customer and the possibilities of the company's advertising and marketing budget.

Advantages of self-adhesive labels
Jam stickers are a rational solution for labeling glass and plastic containers. Such materials are, in fact, versatile. Stickers can be applied to any surface of the package. These materials are used to mark the cans or containers themselves, as well as the lids.

A distinctive feature of self-adhesive labels is the reliability of their fixation on glass and plastic. The sticker is almost impossible to peel off without damaging its structure. This feature of labeling, to a certain extent, complicates the falsification of goods. But the self-adhesive label is valued not only for the combination of advertising, informational and protective functions.

The marking material is distinguished by its impeccable aesthetics. Modern printing technologies make it possible to produce both laconic, simple design labels and exclusive stickers resembling works of art.
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