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Basic printing options
Art Paper: 40 - 300 gsm
Lamination Coating
Uncoated / Matte / Glossy / High Gloss UV
Binding Options
Wire-O / Saddle Stitch
Shapes & Orientation
Square / Rectangle
Horizontal / Vertical
Standard sizes
5.5" x 8.5" / 6" x 6" / 8.5" x 11" / 12" x 12"
Also any custom sizes.
4+4 / 4+1 / 4+0 / 1+1 / 1+0
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High-quality magazine printing is a beautiful cover, juicy photos and pleasant-to-touch pages. The success of the magazine with the target audience depends a lot on what emotions the reader gets. If content is the concern of the editorial board, then inviting packaging is our competence.

Varieties of magazines. Pixel Art printing house prints any kind of magazines:
  • Glossy for a wide audience. About fashion, fishing, business, travel ... They are usually distributed at newsstands and supermarkets. Among the abundance of colorful covers, you need to be able to stand out. The competent presentation that we propose will help the new publication to "punch" its way into the hearts of readers.
  • For professionals. This type of magazine is dedicated to a specific type of business or industry. They can act as an image component. In order for the publication to be interesting to the target audience, it is necessary not only to take care of the current information, but also of the print quality.
  • For staff. They tell about the life of the company, its history, achievements, corporate events. The purpose of such publications is to unite employees into a single team, to tell about the vector of business movement and goals.
Stages of magazine printing. Before printing a magazine, it is necessary to carry out work in several stages:
  • Develop a layout;
  • Make up;
  • Lower the stripes;
  • Rasterize;
  • Create printing plates, etc.
After that, the magazine is printed in the printing house. The final part is post-press preparation, which includes folding, creasing, rounding of corners, stitching, post-press to obtain the desired visual effects.
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