HD Vinyl Banners Printing

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Printing options
Standard 13 oz. & Premium 15 oz. Vinyl
Matte / Gloss
Finishing options
Optional grommets / hems & grommets / pole pockets
Number of sides
Single-sided & Double-sided
Any, premium sizes up to 20 ft x 8 ft
4+4 / 4+1 / 4+0 / 1+1 / 1+0
Standard 13 oz. vinyl
Premium 15 oz. vinyl
Hems & Grommets
Pole Pockets
Standard 13 oz. matte / gloss vinyl
  • The popular and economical choice
  • A matte finish for higher visibility even in direct sunlight / bright light
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use (3-5 years outdoors)
  • Exceptional tear-resistance
Premium 15 oz. matte / gloss vinyl
  • Stronger, smoother, and more versatile option for close range viewing
  • Available in a matte finish that is visible in bright light or direct sunlight
  • Perfect for long term outdoor use (lasts 5 years outdoors)
  • Highly durable, puncture, tear, and fungus resistant
Also called nickel grommets or eyelets. These are fixed around the edges or corners of the banner. Pick this finishing option of you’d like to use twist ties to secure your banner to a stand or wall.

Available colors of grommets: white / silver / black.
Hems & Grommets

Grommets are still placed at the corners, however, the banner edges are then folded over and heat welded to reinforce the sides. This hemming helps keep your banner in shape and the vinyl material from fraying. Best for outdoor use.

Pole Pockets
Banner edges are folded over and heat welded to form a pocket for poles or ropes to be inserted. This finish reduces creases and provides a solid tensioned look to your vinyl banner.
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by needed vinyl banners' options
Basically, vinyl is a special compound that is applied to fabric, film and other substrates for large-size printing. Thanks to this, the materials become durable and resistant to any impact. For example, a banner created on the basis of vinyl lasts much longer than its counterpart printed on paper. The service life of the first is at least 3 years, given that it is most often used for outdoor decoration. This means that printing on vinyl allows you to create images that can withstand any whims of nature, ultraviolet radiation and other harmful actions. The drawing does not fade or fade, retaining its original spectacular appearance. While paper or other material "quickly fail" and after three months require replacement. Therefore, large format color printing on vinyl is most popular for long-term promotions. In addition, products made on its basis can be used repeatedly, as well as successfully change their location.

We offer our customers only the best types of vinyl banners in different sizes. Regardless of the type of material, vinyl printed banners helps to save your marketing and advertising budgets. After all, this is an acceptable price option for any company, when choosing which our customer receives a high-quality result in the form of a stream of new customers. Vinyl is used in various materials, the most popular of which are banner and film. These foundations serve as the foundation for a whole range of advertising products: streamers, banners, posters, billboards.

Vinyl Banner Printing. Viewpoint offers the highest quality large format vinyl banner printing. Each structure produced in this way has its own unique features in terms of style of execution and fasteners. But do not be afraid, the specialists of our company will be happy to advise you on any issue. We offer large size digital printing of vinyl banners for various advertising and presentation purposes. These are the most common products that have earned their popularity due to their high potency. On the one hand, these are rather small products, but on the other hand, the result of the impact on the audience is colossal. They are inherently great for outdoor use. The texture of the banner fabric withstands any kind of precipitation in the form of rain or snow, and also has a unique resistance to damage, in fact, vinyl cannot be torn.
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