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PVC Shrink Sleeves Printing
Get free 5% extra copies to your print run
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Today, a high-quality PVC shrink label with an original design is becoming an integral part of many food and non-food products. It is both a carrier of textual information and a powerful marketing tool that looks original and bright. Of course, in the case of development by a professional. The PVC shrink label is an excellent option for goods in both simple packaging and more complex ones. Where conventional labels cannot physically be used, shrink sleeves do the job just fine. In addition, this type opens up just the broadest opportunities for the implementation of the most creative design ideas. The best option for labeling and packaging containers made of various materials - paper, polyethylene, glass, etc. Perhaps the main advantage of PVC shrink labels is that they can be applied to the entire surface of the container. Thus, the area that can be used for drawing text and graphic information increases significantly. At the same time, the label takes the form of the package itself, no matter how complex and specific it may be. And this, in turn, allows you to introduce more interesting design ideas, using not only color and content, but also shape.

Today most of all PVC shrink labels are used in the food industry. This is primarily the production and sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dairy products, frozen foods, and the like. In addition, the label is widely used in the production of perfumery, building materials, household chemicals and other non-food products. In addition, an indisputable advantage is the ability to label the product itself without the use of packaging. The label fully fulfills its functions. It is also worth mentioning that the shrink label provides reliable protection against opening, is characterized by increased resistance to abrasion, moisture, grease, temperature and other factors that can have a strong effect on other types of labels. Well, in addition, it should be said that the PVC shrink film has a sufficiently high strength and can be used to effectively mask any defects and irregularities in the packaging.
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