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Cookies, snacks
Honey, ghee, syrups
Cookies, snacks
Honey, ghee, syrups
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Food PVC shrink sleeves in a complex solve a number of issues that are put before you both from the side of the legislation of our country and from the financial component of the business. All over the world there are strict requirements for food packaging. It is imperative to protect the product from opening the container. And also there is a need to hide the level of filling the liquid inside the container. To meet these challenges, there is simply no alternative to PVC shrink sleeves on the food packaging market. Food shrink label, the production of which is one of the main activities of our printing house, not only allows you to “dress” the product by hand, without investing in additional equipment, but also to “dress” the product in bright, attractive, new “clothes” for the consumer.

The production and printing of PVC shrink sleeves is one of the main directions of our company. The principle of work of packaging shrink-wrapped labels is simple: under the temperature in the thermal tunnel, a label made of a special material shrinks close to the shape of the container. The shrink label guarantees a perfect fit on any package shape. Printing of food PVC shrink sleeves, doy-pack and zip-lock bags, trays for sealing salads, glasses for yogurt and ice cream and other packaging. Packages can be single-layer for bakery and confectionery products and other products. Multilayer films with barrier films for vacuum packaging, doy-pack and others.
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