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Food Product Stickers
For cakes, cookies & biscuits, pizza,
fast food, candy, tea etc.
Beverage Stickers
For water bottles, juice and soft drinks,
beer, wine, milk etc.
Logo Stickers
Stickers with your company or brand
logo for any business needs.
Pharma & Beauty Stickers
For medical, pharma products, cosmetics,
vitamins and pills, sports nutrition etc.
Promo Stickers
Custom promotional stickers for any advertising
and marketing needs and any business.
Shipping & Mailing Stickers
Standard and custom stickers for shipping
and mailing services.
Custom Printing Options
- Embossing
- Hot & Cold Foil Stamping
- UV, Spot UV & Varnishing
- Gradient / Halftone effect
- Lamination: matte / gloss
Flexo Printing Machine
Flexo printing technology is considered simple, low-cost, and does not require lengthy preparation.
The process is as follows: the printing plate is positioned above the working surface. The functions of the stamp are performed by an elastic rubber plate. The pattern is applied by chemical engraving. The cliché with the image is fixed on the shaft, a special paint is applied to the plate. The final stage is the imprint of the pattern on the work surface. The flexoprinting method is used to produce packaging for products and goods of the non-food group. Flexo printing is possible on paper / cardboard. Media thickness or weight may vary. Flexo printing is possible even on paper cups. Another working material is synthetic film of different density. It can also be printed on 5-150 micron aluminum foil. Like offset, flexography is used for large print runs. This technology is optimal in cases where it is necessary to achieve visual effects - stamping, die-cutting, metallization of printing.

Flexo printing equipment combines various technologies and modules:
- Embossing. It can be hot or cold. UV glue is applied to the mold, then the foil is rolled.
- Corona treatment. Foil and plastic film are activated, which ensures paint adhesion.
- Multi-Layer. Multilayer printing module, in demand in the manufacture of labels.
- Reversal of the material. Flexo printing is possible on the glue layer / back side.
- Printing control. Entering a control fingerprint into the system memory. When printing, the sample is compared with the reference.

We offer flexographic printing of labels on self-adhesive backings with a circulation of up to 100,000 copies per day. Having made an order in Pixel Art once, you will feel all the advantages of working with a printing house of this scale and be convinced of the quality of printing and the benefits of constant cooperation with us.
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