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Rolled Labels
- White premium sticker paper: uncoated / matte / gloss
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Cut-to-Size Stickers & Labels
White Paper Sticker - Gloss / Matte
With a gloss / matte finish. Not waterproof. Writable.

White Paper Sticker - High Gloss
With a mirror gloss finish. UV-resistant. Not waterproof.

White Vinyl Sticker - High Gloss
Waterproof vinyl. UV-resistant. Indoor/outdoor use.
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The best materials for the production of chemical products stickers and labels are polypropylene or polyethylene. They have been used for quite a long time in the production of label products, and this type of material has earned its popularity primarily due to its stability. Paper can also be used as a label material for household chemicals, but with the proviso that in some cases it must be specially treated with a protective coating. Otherwise, if the chemical composition gets into it, it will simply lose its appearance, and some of the important information on the label itself may be hopelessly lost. The chemical product label should easily withstand a number of irritants: water, alkali, chemical. Compositions, etc. During operation, the label should also not be deformed, erased and deteriorate in other ways. It is the film label that perfectly copes with all these tasks. And even if it costs more than paper, the benefits are still very noticeable. Accordingly, you need to make your choice correctly, and if necessary, consult with specialists who will recommend what would be the best option specifically in your case.

Full-color printing of self-adhesive labels for household chemicals products. Today, it is the self-adhesive label that is one of the most effective marketing tools. At the moment, in the process of making labels for household chemicals, two types of material are most often used:
1. Self-adhesive paper. The advantage of the material is primarily in its affordable cost. But at the same time it is worth remembering that the paper itself is not resistant to chemical attack, therefore, it is almost always covered with a protective layer, which in turn slightly increases the cost of production. But the printing possibilities are almost endless. Moreover, taking into account the use of modern flexographic equipment.
2. Polymer films. Here, the main advantage is the durability of the materials. Modern polymers perfectly tolerate the effects of all sorts of aggressive compounds and mixtures, while not inferior in quality and printing capabilities to self-adhesive paper. The only drawback is the higher cost. But it is more than justified. Film-based labels are durable, tough, tear-resistant, and resistant to high humidity and temperature fluctuations, making them truly versatile.

Chemical products stickers and labels should be developed taking into account the latest design trends. A memorable logo, a catchy and beautiful name - all this, together with well-developed design elements, gives just an excellent result and a good profit from sales.

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