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- Work with Monginis, Parle etc.
Vitamins, medicine
Animal Cosmetics
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PVC 25 - 150 microns
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Roll-form & Cut-form
4+4 / 4+1 / 4+0 / 1+1 / 1+0
Matte / Gloss / Transparent
Neck sleeve / Sleeve labels / Cap neck seal
Water-resistant, durable
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The share of the total consumption of shrink packaging in the pharmaceutical industry is growing every year. Pharmaceutical and cosmetics PVC shrink sleeves are ideal for bottles with complex shapes, in addition, they allow you to hide irregularities and roughness of the container, as they fit tightly to the surface to be labeled. Due to its design, the shrink label protects the medical product from unauthorized access. For ease of opening, the label can have both longitudinal and transverse perforations. The latest Pixel Art equipment for printing pharmaceutical PVC shrink sleeves will provide an attractive and high-quality product at the output. Our experts will help you choose the material and the optimal technology for the manufacture of shrink labels for your medical product at a favorable cost.

Functional advantages of pharma and cosmetic PVC shrink labels:
  • Form of any complexity.
  • Absolute transparency of the material. The almost absolute transparency of the shrink wrap allows you to see the contents of the product (bottle, can, bottle, etc.), to emphasize its natural color or transparency.
  • Protection against damage to the print. Resistance of printing to external influences due to printing on the inside of PVC shrink sleeve.
  • Excellent print quality. Enhanced image quality - gravure printing method.
  • Eliminate the possibility of counterfeiting.
  • Increased shelf life. Protecting the contents from UV rays extends the shelf life of the product.
  • Control of the first opening.
  • No defects. The ability to hide physical or technological defects of the container surface.
  • High information content. Full circumferential coverage of the shrink label of the entire product allows you to replace several traditional labels with one shrink label, using the surface as informative as possible.
  • Promotions. PVC shrink sleeves can be used to combine completely different but complementary items (for example, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and brush, etc.).
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