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Manufacturers of pet food and products operate in a highly competitive environment. How to attract the attention of a potential buyer to your product? This task is solved by packaging design and advertising. Pixel Art company offers printing stickers and labels for different markets, including for pet food and product. 

Pet labels are a special category of special printing. They are faced with many tasks.
This is ensuring and subsequently increasing brand awareness, informing the consumer about the properties of the product, attracting the attention of a potential buyer, etc. Pet labels can be of any size, design, configuration. Each product manufacturer selects labeling materials according to their needs.

Label printing
The printing of labels provides for the use of various modern technologies. Large runs are often printed using roll-to-roll methods. The technologies of thermal printing and flexography are also in demand. Some of the most common are self-adhesive labels for pet food and other pet supplies.
In the manufacture of special printing, specialists pay special attention to the selection of consumables. Certain requirements are imposed on them. They concern primarily safety for animals and humans.

The specialists of Pixel Art printing house use hypoallergenic materials in the production of marking elements. The base can be paper of various thicknesses, degrees of gloss, as well as polymer eco-friendly film. Printing labels for pet products is carried out in several stages. Our printing house both works with customers' layouts and implements projects from scratch.

Designing a label for pet supplies
Pet products customers pay a lot of attention to the study of labels. For their pets, caring owners choose the best. They are often prompted to make the right choice by the design of the label.
Marking materials of unusual shapes, colorful and bright attract a lot of attention. Traditional animal design works effectively. As for the additional elements on the labels, they are divided into decorative and protective. The latter are used to minimize the risk of product counterfeiting.

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