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The assortment of household chemicals is currently quite diverse: detergents for dishes, powders for washing clothes, detergents for cleaning windows and floors - all this can be found on the shelves. But how to distinguish your product from similar ones and make the consumer make a choice in favor of your product? For this case, exclusive labels and stickers for household chemicals are perfect, which can be ordered from Pixel Art printing company.

Features of stickers for household chemicals
To make a product stand out from the competition, the label must clearly convey the essence of the product. For this, a high-quality, recognizable and well-readable label is created. It is also worth remembering that such products require a detailed description of the composition, as well as instructions for use and storage. These are not the wishes of the customers, but the requirements specified in the laws in force.

A chemical product label is not just an informative sticker. This is a real marketing tool that encourages a potential buyer to purchase. If you want to order the production of labels for household chemicals just call us +919833989800 or configure your order on our web-site right now.

An equally important criterion is the quality of the material. It must be resistant to aggressive substances, including the chemical itself. Polymeric materials are great for this, but printing paper is used if desired. In order for the material to maintain its performance throughout the entire period of use, it is coated with varnishing agents that are resistant to aggressive influences.

Finally, the label is the face of the product and the manufacturer. Its creation should be approached with all responsibility, from the selection of the design to the writing of instructions. If the sticker looks untidy, has obvious scuffs and deformations, the buyer is unlikely to pay attention to the product, respectively, the demand for the product will drop sharply. Remember that no product, even the most effective, will be popular without an attractive label.

Technology for printing labels for household chemicals
New production technologies are being introduced into the printing industry every day. Modern equipment allows you to apply text and graphic information to any surface. This method is called flexographic. With its help, images are applied to polymer materials, including film and plastic. At the same time, the quality remains at an extremely high level, which is why the method is gaining popularity. Flex printing allows you to apply graphic information to any surface. Today, most of the production is focused on flexo printing.

What chemistry requires a quality sticker
As mentioned, the world is full of a variety of household chemicals. The following products are in demand for the production of labels for:
  • glass surfaces;
  • cleaning and mopping floors;
  • textiles;
  • the destruction of insects;
  • disinfection of bathrooms;
  • dishes and the kitchen in general.

Household chemicals have a fairly long term of use and storage. Consequently, the quality of the label must correspond to this period. Pixel Art printing company will be glad to help your business to solve any printing tasks. Let's discuss your order right know +919833989800
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