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Coffee and tea labels and stickers tell you everything you need to know about the product. But the information function of the marking material is far from the only one. A huge assortment of coffee and tea is presented in modern stores. The product can be natural, instant. When it comes to tea, the consumer has to choose between leaf and packaged versions. You can also see on the shelves large and small cut products, gunpowder tea, elite related compositions.

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About the tea label
A tea label or sticker is like a business card for a tea company representative. It plays an important role in shaping consumer opinion about the brand. The tea label makes the product original and stands out from competitors. The number of the latter is constantly growing. Accordingly, the requirements for packaging and labeling are increasing. Tea bag labels can be generic or exclusive. Very often, manufacturers combine packaging and labeling. In retail outlets where tea packaging is carried out by buyers independently or by store employees, information and advertising stickers are used.

Self-adhesive labels are an affordable way of labeling packaged tea products. Their variety allows you to find the optimal solution for any budget. Marking can be carried out with simple stickers indicating the name, product code, weight, date of packing and the logo of the outlet. Colored stickers of original design are used for elite teas.

How is coffee labeled?
The coffee label or sticker should look presentable and original. The drink, which is consumed by many gourmets around the world, requires appropriate packaging and labeling. The labels of elite coffee are distinguished by their original design. When it comes to stickers, they usually have a non-standard shape and expensive design. The latter is carried out using several methods of post-printing processing of printed products.

A cheap coffee label, sticker is the best option when you need to optimize the packaging costs of products. Plain stickers are commonly used in supermarkets and large multi-purpose stores.
As far as information on a coffee label is concerned, it must comply with standard content requirements. The choice of a design solution is at the discretion of the customer company.
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