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Canned food stickers and labels

Every year the number of canned food displayed on the shelves of shops is increasing. Therefore, the demand for a certain product largely depends on the info content, originality of the sticker used by manufacturers for conservation. Pixel Art offers to print for your business jar labels, canned food stickers by competitive prices. 

Competently prepared printed products have certain characteristics.
Stickers of various manufacturing methods are placed on metal and glass containers. Most often, several basic types of printing stickers are used to decorate canned products.
  • Heat sensitive paper label. As a rule, it is supplied in the form of a roll and is used by enterprises, food industry organizations.
  • Adhesive sticker. This printed product is processed with adhesives of different composition and method of application. Therefore, they can be applied to containers prepared from glass, composite or metal.
  • Multilayer stickers for canning jars. They are presented in the form of several pages. Interesting and useful information for consumers is focused on them. Promo stickers are often included in the composition. Their content helps to increase the demand for products.

Production of high-quality stickers on canned food jars
Conservation stickers are made from certain synthetic compounds, paper, high strength film and metal sprayed materials. Each coating has certain features and benefits. Stickers made of synthetic and processed materials are distinguished by a long service life.

Different technologies are used to decorate stickers on jars with cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, and other vegetables. The most demanded and popular are:
  • Embossing. For these purposes, foil is used. With its help, printing products are radically transformed, making them more original.
  • Foil Stamping. This technology is used only for the formation of convex images. It is used to prepare unique and interesting stickers.
  • Varnish treatment. With the help of modern varnishes, the stability and attractiveness of the printed product is increased.
  • Lamination. Typically, this protection method is used to treat only certain types of cucumber jar stickers.
The efficient processing method and the type of material for the production of labels is selected taking into account the characteristics of the products. For canned products with a long shelf life, varnished paper or composite coatings are used.

Professional printing of conservation stickers
Our company uses flexographic technology, high quality materials for the production of stickers for conservation. That is why clients receive such benefits:
  • Providing detailed information about the process of manufacturing labels and other printed products to all customers.
  • Price optimized for preservation stickers. In each case, the calculation is carried out individually.
  • High level of quality of the produced printing materials.
  • Adjustable print speed. If necessary, a large volume of stickers is produced in the shortest possible time.
  • Originality. Our employees are responsible for fulfilling each order. They develop custom designs for printed products. Several options are often presented.

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