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Fish product labels and stickers

Fish products are labeled in accordance with food labeling requirements. Fish labels and stickers can be produced using a variety of printing technologies. Pixel Art printing house offers a wide range of marking materials, printing stickers and labels for different food products. Their design and decoration are limited exclusively by the requirements and wishes of the customer.

Features of fish labels and stickers
Practice shows that the most effective from the point of view of the ratio of cost and quality (operational functions) are self-adhesive fish labels. They allow labeling products in any package, from vacuum to canned. Stickers are used for labeling most types of seafood.

Pixel Art printing house produces marking materials for:
  • shrimps;
  • crabs;
  • squid;
  • ide;
  • pike;
  • hake;
  • conger eel;
  • eel;
  • cod;
  • ocean horse mackerel;
  • Atlantic mackerel;
  • large herring ivashi;
  • Atlantic herring (fatty);
  • herring;
  • halibut;
  • sea ​​bass;
  • notothenia marble;
  • pollock;
  • ice fish.

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We also offer self-adhesive labels for river fish:
  • crucian carp;
  • carp;
  • bream;
  • perch.

Fish products stickers, made by the specialists of Pixel Art printing house, are distinguished by their durability and quality of design. We use special base materials, resistant paints. Particular attention is paid to the adhesive layer. Self-adhesive with improved adhesive properties is recommended for fish products.

Paper or film?
The fish product sticker and label and seafood can be made on a paper or polymer basis. Each type of printing products has its own characteristics. The base material is selected by the specialists of the printing house, taking into account the type of fish products, the conditions for their transportation, storage. We offer labeling materials for goods subject to processing, deep-freezing. The assortment also includes stickers for long-term storage fish products.

In the production of marking materials, the type of packaging and the specifics of labeling products are taken into account. Self-adhesive labels can be applied automatically when packing goods and manually.

Doubt about the choice of material for marking? Please contact Pixel Art specialists. We advise completely free of charge.

Preserves labels
Quality labels for fish preserves are a must for effective sales. Practice shows that the overwhelming majority of potential buyers in retail outlets choose a product based on external features. The packaging and the label play, accordingly, an important role.

Fish preserves are in high demand. There are a lot of offers on the market, accordingly, competitive positioning of goods is relevant. The label allows you to highlight the products on the shelf. It must be of high quality and original design. In this case, special attention is paid to design.

As for the label material, paper printing products can be used for preserves. It is affordable and looks impressive. Self-adhesive film also has its advantages. She, unlike paper, is not afraid of condensation. Foiling is an effective technique when it comes to labeling. The marking made in this way looks expensive, and accordingly, automatically changes the category of the product offered by the manufacturer. Competent design and labeling of packaging with preservatives contributes to the growth of sales.

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