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Alcohol drinks should have an attractive design and creative label. Cognac products belong to the group of noble alcohol and effective labels for cognac convey to the consumer information about the best properties of the drink.

Pixel Art company offers manufacturers of a noble alcoholic beverage to buy labels for cognac bottles, where we use modern technologies for production and offer an individual approach to implement your plans in promoting the marketing program of the beverage. We can discuss your order right now - just call us +919833989800

Features of label production technology
Taking into account the specifics of printing cognac labels and stickers, we will be able to develop for you a suitable design that will help the consumer to accurately choose the right product. Most often, one of three options is used for gluing labels - a manual method, a semi-automatic technology, or an automatic system (using applicators). When ordering cognac labels for bottles from us, the client receives the following benefits:
  • Clear identification of the manufacturer's brand.
  • Assistance in exclusive design processing.
  • Increase in attractiveness for the consumer audience.
  • The customer makes the right choice in favor of the right product in the alcoholic group.

A competently composed and developed label is the work of professional designers and production, where the smallest details of order execution are taken into account.

Opportunities for developing creative cognac labels
We offer to buy cognac labels of our own production, which have a self-adhesive base that allows you to print products in thousands of copies. Modern German equipment makes it possible to realize bold ideas for the design of labels for cognac bottles. We can make labels for cognac, with the implementation of additional technologies to protect against counterfeiting.

  • Holographic elements - reliable protection against counterfeiting.
  • Unique design solutions based on the layout and requirements for the customer's specifications.
  • Additional finishing elements.
  • We implement, if necessary, watermarks of protection.
  • We use labels that are visible in UV radiation.
  • Unique font parameters developed for product design.
  • Label visualization for any style, from ceramics to high-tech ideas.
  • Options for the aromatization of paper and film to attract the attention of the buyer to alcoholic beverages.

We use environmentally friendly materials for printing - varnishes, paints, paper. To improve protection, we recommend using special technologies of sealing stickers, which serve as an additional information component. If necessary, we print the date of issue, bottling of cognac products and other information.

Original printing label options
Given the high demand for cognac products and the peculiarity of the product, the label on a bottle of cognac should not only be attractive, but also relevant in accordance with the marketing ploy. We suggest choosing labels according to the class of fixation on paper:
  • Dry paper. A simple glue application scheme is used.
  • Self-adhesive paper with polymer film. The adhesive composition does not allow re-sticking.
  • Shrink film, which looks like a sleeve The sticker is carried out due to exposure to high temperatures.

We invite interested clients to cooperation - producers of cognac products. You can fill out an application and specify the parameters of your labels, as well as see examples of our layouts.
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