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Professional winemaking provides for mandatory pre-sale preparation of goods. It includes bottling the drink with the appropriate labeling. Products arrive on store shelves with branded wine labels.

Most often, 2 labels are placed on bottles: main (front) and additional (on the back of the container). Additionally, a sticker can be used indicating the date of the spill, batch number, etc. The wine label is of particular importance in the sales process of a demanded product. It performs an advertising, information function, can have a psychological effect on a potential buyer, stimulating him to choose a specific product. It's no secret that the overwhelming majority of people choose according to the principle "like or not like the design."

Production of modern wine labels
Today the label on a wine bottle performs the same function as it did 100-200 years ago. With regard to the production process, a variety of methods and technologies are possible here.

The most common are:
  • printing on paper;
  • printing on polymer film;
  • printing on self-adhesive paper.

Modern bottle labels differ significantly from their predecessors. They stand out for their original design and are distinguished by good performance. The use of special printing technologies and inks in the production of marking materials ensures the resistance of labels to moisture, ultraviolet light, abrasion and mechanical damage. Today bottle labels can be ordered in large, medium, small editions. The production base of Pixel Art printing house allows you to fulfill any orders in a short time, with a guarantee of the quality of finished printed products. Let's discuss your task right now - just call us +919833989800.

Features of wine stickers and labels
Wine labeling materials are a powerful marketing tool. They work much better today than other types of advertising. Stickers on bottles that meet current standards and are created taking into account the laws of marketing and consumer psychology, attract attention, arouse interest, encourage people to take goods off the shelf and put them in the basket.

Like any other labeling material, wine labels have a number of features. They must contain certain information. In addition to the manufacturer's data, product composition, harvest year, place of bottling, it is mandatory to indicate the type and grade of the drink.

They have marking materials and design features. Traditionally, white wine labels have many light elements. Its design is lightweight. The modern red wine label is usually brighter and more expressive. But in fact, there are no restrictions on the choice of design concept.

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