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Printing of custom beer labels and stickers

Beer is one of the most popular and massive alcoholic drinks in the world. With the expansion of the brewing industry, the competition in the market is increasing every day. When choosing an exquisite drink, the consumer pays attention not only to the taste, but also to the appearance of the product. Therefore, beer labels and stickers should be as attractive as possible, because this is the best and optimal tool for attracting customers.

Today, beer label manufacturing technologies have gone far ahead. Customers choose products made from paper, film and even foil. If you need quality labels, you can order them from Pixel Art printing company. We offer production on paper, foil and film.

Stylish label is the key to brand recognition
Alcoholic beverages will never promote themselves unless they use a unique label design. Even the most delicious beer will go unnoticed without advertising. Today, you will not notice a lot on stickers: an attractive name, colorful pictures along with bold fonts - all this lures buyers, forcing them to make a choice in favor of a particular product.

Despite this, the production of beer labels is a rather lengthy and demanding process that requires a serious approach. Choosing a design, composing text, selecting pictures and many other operations - without this, the product will merge into a mass of similar beer products. Therefore, in order to make the beer more recognizable, the best solution would be to entrust the production of labels to professionals - Pixel Art company. We can discuss your order right now - just call us +919833989800

The main tasks of a properly selected label
A beer label is not just a sticker. It performs a whole range of functions, including:
  • decorating a bottle of alcohol;
  • notifying buyers about the manufacturer;
  • increasing brand awareness.
The beer sticker is more likely a marketing component than an informative one. Therefore, you should take care of ordering it in bulk in advance.

Popular Methods for Printing Beer Stickers
Among the many types of printing, flexo printing has gained the greatest popularity. Here, the drawing is applied to paper, film or foil using a flexible mold. The paint used dries instantly, and the picture is colorful and clear. This makes it possible to produce a large number of stickers in the shortest possible time.

Digital printing is also known. Specialized printing equipment (laser) is used here, which makes it possible to quickly produce labels, drawing every small detail as clearly as possible. The combined method uses two types of printing: digital and flexo printing. The main part of the image is applied flexibly, the rest of the information is applied with a laser.

Still wondering where to order a beer label? You can configure your order for beer labels, stickers right now - on our web-site. 
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