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Printing of advertising, promotional stickers and labels

Pixel Art printing company offers for you printing of advertising stickers for promotions. High-quality advertising should convey to the consumer the goal, where creative printed products will be the right solution for a successful marketing move.

Who needs promotional stickers
The scope of application of custom-made advertising stickers is quite extensive. We work with companies that have successfully implemented their ideas through advertising on creative self-adhesive labels. Among the clients who want to order advertising stickers, we distinguish the following companies:
  • Manufacturing enterprises promoting their brand.
  • Logistics companies, transport companies, warehousing.
  • Wholesale suppliers, dealers, official representatives of world and Russian brands.
  • Retail trade network.

For your convenience we offer to configure your order right now - on our web-site. After that we will call you and discuss all details and calculation. 

Features of the promotional stickers printing
Our company has been operating in the printed products market since 1947. Over the years, we have completely re-equipped machines and technologies, where we use modern German equipment for printing advertising stickers. The printing technology provides for compliance with environmental production standards, where we use environmentally friendly components as materials.

  • Standard group of labels. We use a substrate for printing, a special adhesive and a basis for printing work.
  • Protected group. For printing, we use an additional fourth version of the protective layer, based on a polymer or other protective film.

You can order advertising stickers based on the available options for finished products, while you can familiarize yourself with our work in the printed product catalog. Self-adhesive labels are presented in several groups, which include:
  • Standard paper with basic advertising information.
  • Labels with decorative embossing, lamination, foil, etc.
  • Thermal labels. The material is applied directly at the place of use - warehouses, shops, etc.
  • A special group of labels based on cardboard, plastic, foil, etc.

When determining the classification of the required group of advertising stickers on glass, we recommend taking into account the following parameters - the category of the material used, the standard of the adhesive base, the printing option, the size and color scheme.

How to order advertising stickers correctly
The managers of the Pixel Art company will carefully study your request, as well as the Terms of Reference, on the basis of which a commercial proposal will be developed. The price of an advertising sticker will depend on many parameters - order volume, printing technology, urgency, additional post-printing work, etc.

To order, indicate which product group of advertising you will have - conditions for storage, transportation; the approximate period for the sale of promotional products; characteristics of the container or packaging material; additional requirements and preferences of the customer. After submitting the application, we will contact you, clarify the details of cooperation, offer individual conditions for mutually beneficial partnership. Within Mumbai we deliver products free of charge, to other regions and countries as agreed with the customer. 

Let's discuss your task for printing advertising, business and promotional stickers and labels right now - just call us +919833989800
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