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Labels and stickers for vegetables and fruits

Fruit and vegetable labels and stickers are effective advertising tools. They are used to mark certain products. Special requirements and quality standards are imposed on such printed products.

Distinctive features of labels for fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables presented on the shelves of shops and supermarkets must be marked with labels. The following information is focused on such printing products:
  • Name of the manufacturing company and its logo. This is what contributes to the fastest possible search for the required product. This also increases the demand for vegetables and fruits.
  • Code is digital. The number of figures helps to quickly determine the conditions for growing various vegetables and fruits.
  • Exporting state. In certain cases, the address is also indicated on the labels for fruits and vegetables. This condition is optional.
The fruit labels currently being developed differ in design, configuration and other parameters. Responsible entrepreneurs and suppliers take print design and design seriously.

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Basic qualities of standard and individual labels for fruits and vegetables
When preparing typographic products for vegetables and fruits, the following rules must be followed:
  • The used adhesive contains only safe and non-toxic components. If necessary, such printed products can be easily removed. At the same time, traces do not remain on the surface.
  • Raw materials are carefully selected for the preparation of modern labels for vegetables and fruits. Materials with toxic components, harmful substances are never used.
  • When choosing dyes, preference is given to natural food paints and pigments. After all, they do not have a detrimental effect on food.
  • Persistence. The printed products used for marking are distinguished by increased durability and reliability. They are not subject to the harmful effects of excess moisture, ultraviolet radiation, temperature fluctuations.
  • Optimal shelf life. Labeling products for vegetables and fruits are distinguished by their optimal service life.

Features of printing labels for vegetables and fruits
A variety of equipment, modern techniques and high-quality raw materials are used to prepare such marking products. Most often, the following types of raw materials are used for these purposes:
  • Polyvinyl chloride or polypropylene film. It is used for labeling fruits and vegetables with a long shelf life. Using this material, unique printing products are created.
  • Coated or metallized paper. Its use is due to a long period of active use, attractive appearance and durability.

Flexographic printing is most commonly used to create attractive labeling products for fruits and vegetables. Indeed, through this technique, all shades and colors are perfectly transmitted. And the products are more durable, durable and attractive.

If necessary, prepared stickers for fruits and vegetables are laminated or coated with a special varnish. This contributes to a longer period of use. They retain their attractive appearance for a specified period.

How to order vegetable and fruit stickers profitably?
The main task of each sticker and sticker is to attract buyers and increase demand. Therefore, these labeling products are prepared with the utmost care by responsible manufacturing companies.

  • Primary requirements
  • Availability of product names.
  • Basic data of the supplier, his details.
  • Logo or trademark of the supplier, manufacturer.
  • The main address of the supplier.
  • Delivery date and period of use.
  • Basic barcode.
  • Signs confirming the verification process.

For a profitable purchase or ordering labels for fruits and vegetables, you need to responsibly approach the search for a company. Only in this case it is possible to purchase high-quality printing products that meet all standards.

Additional benefits of working with professionals
  • Cost optimization. Responsible companies pay a lot of attention to the formation of pricing policy. Therefore, the probability of overpayment is minimal.
  • Using high quality raw materials. This is important for food labeling.
  • The use of effective technologies. This contributes to a more rapid preparation of the required volumes of printing products.
  • Preparation of the required project. In this case, the wishes of the clients are taken into account.
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