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A customer evaluates the quality of the product by the appearance of the product. Honey is not only a popular food product, but also a product in demand among different segments of the population. Beautiful honey labels and stickers that have creative execution and stunning designs will make any customer make a purchase. Pixel Art printing company knows how to make your marketing move successful in promoting any group of goods, and you can order honey labels, which we will develop and print in accordance with your requirements and technical specifications.

In most cases, a customer gives priority to the honey producer, which has its own name or brand. In order to make the right choice in favor of determining the demand of the consumer audience, we invite interested persons and companies involved in the manufacture of honey products for cooperation. We can discuss your order right now - just call us +919833989800

Honey labels will be printed on modern technological equipment, where we use matte, semi-gloss, textured, heat-sensitive and metallized paper as a base. Taking into account the design of your container, we use various films (polypropylene, polyethylene, metallized, sealing, permanent), and also use high-quality adhesives (removable, permanent and special). For the high-quality production of self-adhesive labels for honey, we use water-based paints with the effect of ultraviolet curing. High quality products cannot be imagined without varnishes, where we use chemical resistant and special varnishes for these purposes, as well as with the effect of ultraviolet curing.

Our advantages are:
  • We have a large archive of a library of punching knives that can be adjusted to fit your label.
  • The maximum parameters of one label are 360 ​​* 380mm.
  • The using of various finishes is allowed - embossing, die-cutting, perforation, lamination, as well as UV varnishing.
  • Products are delivered in rolls, you can order piece cut if necessary.

Our typography has its own design team, which will help you develop a creative design for honey stickers. A beautiful and creative label for a jar of honey should inspire confidence in the buyer, and for this purpose we will offer interesting and popular design ideas for decorating packaging containers.

You can configure your order right now - on our web-site. It takes only few minutes, after that we will call you and discuss all details and calculation. 
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