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Laminated product and business labels are a popular and frequently used type of printing products. It is preferred by all brand companies and popular manufacturers. What caused this choice?

Features of the production of labels with lamination
The essence of the lamination procedure is to apply a special film to the workpiece. Such actions contribute to an increase in the level of strength and durability of the prepared printed products.

The following types of films are used for lamination:
  • Colored. Used to highlight products, enhance the effect.
  • Glossy. With the help of such a film, color and saturation are enhanced. The use of such a film is unacceptable for labels with a large amount of information.
  • Matte. By means of such a film, the appearance of the label is improved, the status of the product is increased.

For high-quality lamination of printed products, the following types of films are used:
  • Polypropylene.
  • Polyethylene.
  • Polystyrene.
  • Polyvinyl chloride.

Each film has its own characteristic features, qualities. It is very important to consider this when selecting material.

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Reasons for the popularity of laminated labels

  1. Ease of application. An adhesive layer is concentrated on the reverse side. Therefore, the gluing procedure takes a minimum amount of time. If necessary, a peculiar technique is used.
  2. The ability to apply to a variety of surfaces. These types of labels are combined with almost all types of food and non-food products. After all, they lie flat, do not deform.
  3. Extensiveness of options. A variety of raw materials are used for the manufacture of laminated labels: durable paper, films of various materials. Therefore, it is not difficult to choose the appropriate variety.
  4. Aesthetic appeal. Among the options presented are laminated labels with a velvet or silk effect. By means of such products, the status of products, the demand for it, is increased.
  5. Persistence. Laminated labels retain their attractive appearance for a long time. Their condition is not affected by temperature fluctuations, excess moisture, radiation, and other factors.
  6. Acceptable cost. Additional discounts are available when ordering labels with a certain volume of lamination. Details are provided by the manufacturing companies.

Main functions of laminated labels

In the process of research, several key functions of printing products were identified.

  • Increased demand. With the help of well-prepared laminated labels, sales increase by about 70-80%.
  • Increased confidence. Potential buyers do not focus on products without well-prepared labels. Their condition has a certain impact on the popularity of the product.
  • Attracting attention. The information on the laminated label is retained for a long time. Therefore, buyers always receive the necessary data.
  • Possibility of applying protective components. It is on the laminated printed products that various watermarks and holograms are applied. This helps to simplify registration and product search.

Features of pricing

Before printing glossy laminated labels, you should be familiar with the factors that affect their cost:

  • Dimensions and configurations. It is these parameters that simplify the process of determining the total volume of printed products.
  • The amount of raw materials spent. This indicator affects the cost of the manufacturing process, the selling price.
  • Application of unique signs, stamps. In this case, the cost increases slightly. In this case, calculations are made on an individual basis.
  • A variety of raw materials. Modern matte lamination labels are made from standard or metallized paper, film, etc. To keep costs down, standard paper is used.
  • The need to prepare a unique project. The work of professional designers is paid separately. In this case, the amount of payment depends on the complexity of the project being prepared.
  • Circulation volumes. To keep costs down, some entrepreneurs and business leaders are ordering larger quantities.

Cooperation with professionals is more beneficial. After all:
  • For the preparation of laminated labels, only carefully selected raw materials, high-quality and efficient equipment, and proven technologies are used.
  • Projects are developed by professional designers.
  • If necessary, the lead time is significantly reduced.
  • Discounts are provided to wholesale customers.

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