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Modern labels and stickers perform various functions, from informative to advertising. The so-called branded stickers give the best appearance to the packaging of goods. Their distinctive features are decorativeness, originality of design, a certain complexity of counterfeiting. The design of labels involves the use of various technologies and materials. Embossing is one of the common methods. Stickers with embossed elements stand out against the background of typical materials used to decorate the packaging of goods.

Embossing is different
Embossed label printing allows for the use of various design techniques for marking elements. For example, the hot method resembles stamping. Its essence lies in applying layers of metal foil to the label. Hot stamping is recommended for large print runs. The cold method is also widespread. The production of embossed labels in this case requires the use of adhesive materials with UV curing properties. The main advantage of the method is the ability to quickly change the design of the marking element. It should also be noted that the cold method is used in cases where the base materials cannot withstand heating.

For the design of the label, embossing is used flat and three-dimensional. The latter is usually called convex. Embossing allows you to get an original embossed surface. Hot-stamping is often performed on separate areas of the label. It is customary for them to highlight the elements of drawings, logos, parts of the text.

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Embossing grabs attention
One of the main tasks of most labels is to attract the attention of a potential buyer to the product. Embossed markers do this perfectly. But practice shows that the consumer is becoming more and more demanding. Accordingly, modernization of label design technologies is required.

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