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In sales of water f course, a lot depends on the bottle itself (its shape, size). But the label plays a key role in the buyer's decision. Therefore, it is best to entrust the printing of water labels to professionals who have been working in the field of printing for many years.

If you need a label for a bottle of water, you can order it from Pixel Art printing house. We offer the manufacture of stickers and labels in large quantities for various products: food products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and perfumery, medicines and household chemicals.

Features of drinking water labels
Today, water labels are used in large quantities because the possibilities are almost endless. Moreover, not only manufacturers prefer branded water, but also just companies of people. Such a product looks aesthetically pleasing at events, for example, at a wedding or a press conference. For any significant date, you can design a unique design with a festive slant that matches the general mood.

This is the only reason why water labels in the printing house are in high demand among people who come to us. To work with us was as comfortable as possible, we decided to take all the worries upon ourselves. At Pixel Art you can simultaneously order:
  • creation of label design;
  • fast sticker printing;
  • branding of products.

All work will be performed exclusively by professionals using modern tools and equipment. You don't have to worry about the quality, because we have already taken care of everything!

Design for water labels
The main task in the design and development of labels is to attract a potential buyer. It is necessary to form a high-quality and interesting design so that the consumer would pay attention to your product. Our printing specialists offer the creation of a selling label, from design design to printing.

We know what colors, font formats, images and other factors will definitely attract a client. So, for example, any bottle of water should have blue color and its shades. This is characterized by a psychological factor: a person sees the color blue, which makes him think of purity and lightness. Similar colors can be green and gray shades, which are often used as additional contrasts.

We strongly discourage the use of harsh, bright colors in a sticker. This causes negative impressions and thoughts about the unnaturalness of the product. Warm and unnatural tones will definitely make you doubt the quality and purity of the water resource.

We must not forget about carbonated and non-carbonated water. Dark blue colors are more suitable for the first variety of goods, while still water is characterized by a bluish tint.
Thus, thanks to some psychological moments, it is possible to achieve maximum confidence on the part of the buyer. To discuss printing of your water bottle stickers or labels just call us +919833989800 or configure your order on our web-site right now. 
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