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Sausage labels and stickers

Interestingly designed sausage labels and stickers are an effective way to increase sales. Sausages are classified as food products. Therefore, special requirements are imposed on printing products for sausages.
  • The ability to withstand really severe temperature fluctuations.
  • Persistence. The information applied to the label is necessarily protected by means of films, varnish.
  • Compliance with established hygiene standards and sanitary requirements.
  • Special selection of adhesive composition. Only harmless glue is applied to the stickers on the sausages. It does not contain harmful and toxic components. Rubber-based glue is often used.
  • Long storage period. Excess moisture does not affect the properties and performance of the label.

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Features of making labels for sausages
The main purpose of modern printing products is a significant increase in demand. That is why it is necessarily present on it:
  • Product name, main components.
  • Total nutritional value and number of calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
  • GMO presence notification.
  • Manufacturer's data and basic details.
  • Total product weight.
  • Trademark, logo of the manufacturer.
  • State and exact address.
  • Date of manufacture of sausage products.
  • Shelf life.
  • Storage and transportation conditions.
  • Barcode.
  • Sign confirming the certification process.
  • Normative documents.

In some cases, additional information is also applied to the labels on the sausages. The decision on these actions is necessarily taken by the manufacturer.

Features of printing sausages labels and stickers 
Often, a technology such as flexography is used to prepare labels for these products. After all, by means of this technique, any image, graphic inscription is easily realized. When preparing such printed products, it is allowed:
  • The use of various types of raw materials: various types of paper, polyethylene.
  • Possibility of additional processing: varnishing, lamination.
  • Various types of printing. Flexography is the most commonly used.
  • Extensive range of labels. If necessary, labels of various shapes, configurations and shades are prepared.

How to order sausage labels profitably?
Before placing an order, you must:
  1. Decide on the material. For preparation, it is allowed to use paper with certain additives, polyvinyl chloride or polystyrene films.
  2. Choose a specific technology. Nowadays, many methods are used to prepare labels for sausages. Therefore, each entrepreneur will determine the most suitable one.
  3. Choose an acceptable layout. You can use the standard options. Preparation of an individual project is also allowed.
  4. Determine the order quantity. Calculations are made directly by customers or manufacturers.

Why professionals?
  • The likelihood of manufacturing low-quality printed products is minimal. It is undoubtedly important to find a responsible manufacturer.
  • Fast production. As a rule, the responsible manufacturing companies prepare the required labels as soon as possible.
  • Consideration of wishes. When developing a layout and implementing an order, the features of the products and the wishes of customers are taken into account.
  • Reduced costs. When ordering a large volume of printing products, costs are reduced. Some manufacturers provide discounts, certain bonuses.
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