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Beverage Stickers and Labels

Printing of bottle labels and stickers

In order for a customer to choose a suitable drink in a glass or plastic container, he assesses the quality of the product by stickers that convey objective information about the contents. Pixel Art printing company invites you to buy beverage labels for bottles, which we produce in accordance with your requirements and wishes. The creation of labels for bottles goes through several stages, where designers, developers, specialists of the most sophisticated professional printing equipment are involved in the work.

Since 1981, we have been working on the market for the creation and production of labels for plastic bottles, as well as for glass containers. Over the years, we have been able to bring to life the interesting ideas of our customers, who have been able to promote their brand, thanks to a creative approach to the development of labels for bottles, using modern technologies for the production of printed products. We can discuss your task right now - just call us +919833989800. 

Our printing advantages:
  • Our production has a huge library of punching knives, allowing you to make stickers of any size and scale.
  • The maximum size of one order label is 360 * 380 mm.
  • Modern typography of labels on bottles allows to produce labels that resist the influence of ultraviolet rays, bright and saturated colors give a sophisticated design to the pattern, increased gloss, abrasion resistant and not subject to chemical attack.
  • Various forms of finishing - embossing, varnishing, lamination, perforation, die-cutting, including using UV technology.
  • The products are supplied in rolls, where, if necessary, they can be cut piece by piece.

We offer paper (matte, semi-gloss, textured, heat-sensitive metallized) as a base material.

Features of the production of labels and stickers for bottles
Beautiful labels on bottles are the work of the best specialists of Pixel Art company, who help the beverage producers to realize bold and modern ideas for their marketing ploy. The main component for the production and development of bottle labels is the quality of the film, which we have in the following categories:
  • Polypropylene films.
  • Polyethylene films.
  • Metallized films.
  • Sealing films.
  • Adhesives - permanent, special, removable.

Taking into account these parameters, the final price of labels for bottles depends, which also takes into account the categories of use of paints based on the water group or ultraviolet curing. In order to produce a label on bottles in accordance with the requirements of the customer's Technical Assignment, we use special varnishes for production - standard UV-curing, chemical resistant and special.

All custom-made bottle labels undergo pre-printing preparation, as well as post-printing processing at the request of the customer. You can get a free consultation from a manager who will inform you about our technical capabilities, as well as help you choose the right option for developing bottle labels.

We help to make your brand recognizable and attractive, where a stylish and modern bottle will have a beautiful label with which a customer will evaluate the quality of your products. You can configure your order right now - on our web-site.
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