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A branded sticker is an effective, inexpensive, easy way to highlight products on the store shelf. The marking material can have a different basis and design. In terms of design and content, logo stickers are considered the best option. The presence of a logo turns a simple informational tool into a powerful advertising and marketing tool. In fact, the use of such labels is a matter of prestige. Making a sticker with a logo and then using it will increase brand awareness. The marking material works for the image of the manufacturing company (seller). 

Pixel Art printing house produces logo stickers with custom printing options: any shape, sizes and materials. We can discuss your order right now - just call us +919833989800. 

Logo sticker design
Self-adhesive stickers with the company logo can be ordered in various formats and designs. Design development is a task for professional specialists. Cooperation with the printing house will allow you to optimize the costs of manufacturing marking materials and minimize the risks of receiving low-quality products. Chekart will select the optimal printing solution, taking into account the purpose of using the stickers and the specifics of the project.

We offer a variety of label designs. A custom-made logo sticker is made in the corporate style of the advertiser. As for the types of marking materials, they can be colored and black and white, filled and transparent, standard, curly, volumetric. Modern technologies make it possible to produce labels using the 3D technique. Colored, matte, glossy, transparent logo stickers are created by experienced designers. The manufacturing process is supervised by highly skilled printers. A professional approach to the implementation of projects allows us to guarantee the quality of the finished printing product.

Possibilities of choosing the printing of stickers
Today, you can order logo stickers and labels for different purposes. They actually determine the range of materials used in the production process. Printing can be carried out on two types of self-adhesive. Paper-based material practically does not limit the choice of design solutions. Self-adhesive film allows you to get the most durable, reliable and effective logo stickers.

The purpose of using labels is taken into account in the manufacture of printing to obtain the most effective labeling materials. Logo stickers, the price of which depends on many factors, can be easily removable and protective. The former peel off effortlessly from the product. The latter provide protection against unauthorized opening of containers, re-sticking of markings, etc., they are deformed when peeling off. The properties of labels are determined by the composition of the adhesive layer, the base material, the presence of special auxiliary elements (for example, perforations, etc.).

The purpose of use also determines the design of the sticker. The label can be used as front, back. Effectively advertising, image, informational tasks are solved by paper and film circular stickers. You can configure order of logo stickers right now - on our web-site. Be sure, we can find for you effective and benefit printing solution. 
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