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Sports nutrition labels and stickers are manufactured and designed in the same way as for food products. The market for the production of special-purpose goods is actively developing. Sports nutrition is a popular product.

This group includes:
  • protein shakes (dry concentrates and ready-made drinks);
  • amino acid complexes;
  • vitamin and mineral supplements;
  • fat burners,
  • other goods.

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Types of sports nutrition labels and stickers
Sports nutrition is presented on the market in various containers. Dry protein shakes are packaged in portioned sachets and cans of various sizes. Ready-made drinks are bottled. Amino acid complexes, vitamin and mineral supplements, other capsule and tablet form products are usually supplied in small plastic containers or blisters.

The variety of forms of production leads to the use of different types of labels. For the labeling of sports nutrition, packaging labels (boxes and containers), paper and film stickers are used. The choice of marking material is practically unlimited. Sports nutrition stickers are one of the most popular types of labeling. They are convenient, practical, do not require a lot of money and time to manufacture. When it comes to product labeling, labels are suitable for manual and automatic application.

Professional approach to label production
Professionals are encouraged to order sports nutrition labels. In the printing house Pixel Art a team of experienced specialists in the field of design and printing is at your service. We approach the production of labels for sports nutrition responsibly and professionally. The result is 100% customer satisfaction with finished labeling products.

We bring to your attention quality sports nutrition labels. Experienced specialists work on the development of their design. Also, our masters will help you choose the optimal base material for labels and the most effective execution technique.

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