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A healthy lifestyle is the trend. Many consumers choose eco-products. And this applies to both food and manufactured goods. The packages of both are most often complemented by easy-to-use, reliable, affordable stickers.

Self-adhesive eco labels and stickers can be made from different materials. Thermal paper is the traditional choice of printers. It can be glossy, matte, semi-glossy. Eco and bio labels are rarely printed on film. The use of high quality thermal paper makes it possible to obtain marking materials with high indicators of wear resistance, resistance to temperature influences, mildly aggressive environments (oils, fats, etc.).

Features of eco-labels
Eco-products labels are made in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. They may also contain additional information. When it comes to food products, most often these are recipes for cooking dishes, unique properties of the product, etc.

Eco labels are generally not designed for long term use. This is due to the shelf life of the labeled products. But in some cases, the durability of labels comes to the fore. These materials are used to mark products stored in deep-freeze conditions. Thermal paper in this case is the optimal basis for marking elements. Some of its types are able to withstand cooling down to -30 ° C.

Properties of marking materials
Self-adhesive bio labels must be of high quality, complying with standards and (if necessary) laws of marketing and advertising. The quality of the marking materials is determined by the base and the properties of the adhesive composition. Important characteristics of a self-adhesive label are:
  • adhesion strength;
  • weight of the adhesive coating;
  • shear resistance;
  • stability with temperature drops, threshold cooling and heating.

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