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Confectionery products are supplied to retail chains in both technical and individual packaging. It all depends on the type of product and the specifics of its implementation. Most often retail packaging of products is marked with exclusive labels. A traditional confectionery label should be informative and of high quality. The promotion of goods on the market largely depends on its design. The first place in the context of packaging cakes and pastries is the design of labeling materials. Pixel Art company offers printing of stickers and labels for different food products, including confectionery. 

A confectionery label, sticker may have:
  • non-standard shape;
  • original design with embossing, foiling and other decor;
  • specific text content (implemented through designer selection of fonts);
  • additional elements (for example, tear-off).

Exclusive labeling material stimulates a potential buyer to choose a specific confectionery.
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Types of confectionery products labels 
Modern production of labels for confectionery products provides for the use of various materials.
The most common is paper. It happens:
  • matte,
  • semi-glossy,
  • glossy.

In the process of manufacturing marking materials, paper of different thicknesses is used. The production of labels for confectionery products is a laborious process. The process uses various printing technologies, post-printing processing of products. The advanced equipment enables the production of various types of labels. They can be dry (for gluing), glueless (put on the container), self-adhesive.

The use of self-adhesive when marking confectionery products
Stickers are one of the most common types of labels. With their help, today are marked:
  • cakes in cardboard and plastic packaging;
  • cakes;
  • packaged cookies;
  • packaged candies;
  • various desserts;
  • chocolate and other sets.

Self-adhesive labels benefit from a variety of shapes and sizes, and an affordable cost. Modern printing technologies make it possible to produce stickers, both simple informational and exclusive, design ones. In the printing house Pixel Art you can order both.

The confectionery label is the main information resource for the customer. That is why it is necessary to approach its design as responsibly as possible. Savings on the label negatively impact product sales.
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