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Cosmetics and perfume labels

Labels for each type of product have their own characteristics. Cosmetics and perfumes stickers and labels is no exception. Labels for this group of products can be of any shape, configuration, color. As for the content, the availability of certain data (composition, expiration date, production date, etc.) is regulated by law. For the rest, the customer decides what will be indicated on the label.

Requirements for the cosmetics and beauty tools stickers and labels and perfumes are standard. It must be:
  • high quality (do not peel off, do not deform during transportation, storage);
  • informative;
  • readable.
Additional requirements are determined on an individual basis.

Cosmetics and perfume label and sticker printing and production
Modern labels for cosmetics and perfumery are made in a variety of ways. Pixel Art company uses flexography. This technology allows you to print self-adhesive labels quickly, with a guarantee of clear graphics and legibility of text, regardless of font size. The flexographic method involves the use of ultraviolet paints. This ensures high mechanical durability of the image on the sticker.

Post-printing can be used to further protect the markings. The most common methods are lamination and varnishing. Both technologies protect the product from moisture and active substances contained in cosmetics, from alcohols to fats.

Cosmetics labels and stickers can be made of paper and plastic film. In the first case, a distinctive feature of the labeling will be a democratic cost. Polymer stickers are more expensive. But they will become the optimal solution for labeling cosmetics with a high content of oils and alcohols.

Types of labels for cosmetics and perfumes
Informative and originally designed labels for cosmetics can be of any shape. The format of the product is determined by the type of packaging for perfumery or cosmetic products. In each case, the configuration and design can be developed individually.

Pixel Art printing house offers you a wide range of solutions for the labeling of cosmetics and perfumes. We make stickers for plastic, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, and other packaging. Cosmetics labels are printed on modern equipment. The design is created by specialists with extensive experience in specialized activities.

Design and production of labels for cosmetics
For effective labeling of cosmetics and perfumes, labels can be used:
  • rectangular and square format;
  • round and oval;
  • design.
Custom-made simple (standard) cosmetics stickers and labels, marking materials with additional security elements. The latter are especially popular. Perfume and cosmetics labels may have protective strips (seals) to prevent unauthorized opening of bottles. Design elements, from embossing to original fonts, also serve as protection.

The consumer tends to choose products based on the appearance of the label. You can use this to promote your product on the market. Just order exclusive labels to mark your products.

We draw your attention to the fact that each order for label printing is calculated individually.
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