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Food is an essential commodity in any refrigerator. This is especially true for cereals. Unsurprisingly, cereal labels have received a lot of attention from both producers and consumers. Increased requirements are imposed on labels for food products. It is very important that the label is not only up to the norms and standards, but also attractive. It depends on whether the buyer pays attention to your product. Pixel Art printing house specializes on food product labels and stickers. Be sure we can help your business and suggest the best benefit printing solution. 

Self-adhesive labels for cereals: features and benefits
Self-adhesive labels boast reliability, practicality and ease of use. Let's also note the price of goods, since it is available to every customer. Depending on the type of material, adhesive film and paper are distinguished. The first variety has the best performance. Self-adhesive tape is great for any product. It is durable, not afraid of temperature extremes, resistant to humidity and many other factors. The material will serve for the entire period of the sale of cereals.

Adhesive paper is less reliable, but this is offset by its low cost. Subject to certain rules, it can last for a long time. However, the material alone is definitely not suitable for harsh chemicals. Fortunately, this is easily remedied by laminating the self-adhesive paper.

In addition to the main information (product name, manufacturer data, expiration date and storage conditions), you can place additional information, for example, the features of your particular product, the history of growing cereals, and so on. It all depends on you and your imagination.

Flexo printing is the best technology for creating labels for cereals
The team of specialists of our company in their work uses one of the best printing technologies - flexo printing. This is an affordable and prompt method that allows you to quickly apply a high-quality image to any surface. Lightness, quality and efficiency are due to low-viscosity paints and the use of special flexographic molds. The molds are based on elastic rubber or polyurethane plates. The drawing is applied by chemical engraving, which does not hold well and can last for a long time. The equipment installed in our printing industry plays a significant role. With its help, it is possible to achieve the most accurate and reliable products.

Label design is important!
Particular attention is paid to the design of labels for cereals. You can create it yourself, or you can resort to the help of specialists. With all its small size, the label should be as informative and useful for the consumer as possible. It should be easy to read and attract potential buyers. And, of course, we must not forget about recognition. Any product should make your brand stand out. Without this factor, no company would have gained popularity.

It so happens that the manufacturer only cares about the design of the label, without thinking about practicality. Despite the fact that the sticker does not affect the quality of the product, it is still recommended to make it reliable so that it does not show damage during transportation, storage and sale. Therefore, the design and production of labels should be trusted by professionals.

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