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Dairy product, milk labels and stickers

A well-designed milk product sticker, labels with a distinctive design engages the potential buyer, makes a positive impression and allows you to get better acquainted with the products. Therefore, its design should be approached with all responsibility.

What's on the dairy, milk stickers and labels
How often do customers pay attention to the label? It is enough to find out the price and look at the expiration date of the product to make the right choice. However, the sticker still plays a significant role. This is influenced by other factors that are mandatory indicated on the milk label:
  • product name;
  • percentage of fat;
  • name and location of the manufacturer;
  • net weight and volume;
  • the nutritional value;
  • ingredients for production;
  • date of manufacture and packaging;
  • shelf life of products;
  • storage conditions.

Moreover, these are the main rules that are controlled by current legislation. If desired, the manufacturer can indicate the type of product, the history of appearance and creation, additional data about himself. The main thing is to stick to minimalism. Remember that the best product is one that combines a minimum of text and maximum information content.

Dairy products include more than milk. These are sour cream, yogurt, cheese and other useful products of natural origin. If you need milk labels, cottage cheese stickers, cream or yogurt stickers, please contact us!

Choosing material for diary, milk labels
Most dairy and fermented milk products do not have a long shelf life. As a rule, standard milk has a shelf life of 5 to 15 days, after which it loses its properties. This means that the quality of the label material is almost irrelevant, just like the printing method. Therefore, flexographic printing using self-adhesive paper is perfect for such products. This method will not take much time, and its price will delight every client. The paper itself will definitely serve during the entire period of storage and sale of goods.

Also among the main advantages of flex printing are the following:
  • a huge selection of materials;
  • considerable efficiency;
  • paints are harmless to food;
  • the use of lamination and embossing;
  • efficiency, reliability and durability.

Due to this, it is possible to achieve high-precision and high-quality printing, which can last for a long time. If you would like to order the printing of a milk label and stickers of  dairy products, we recommend to contact us +919833989800 or configure your order right now on our web-site. Thanks to Pixel Art modern multifunctional equipment, it is possible to print large runs of several tens of thousands of copies in the shortest possible time.
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