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Custom-made labels with hot foil gold stamping

Foil stamping is one of the most popular types of printing in a printing house. With the help of relief embossing, a specific relief with an image is formed on the surface of the finished object. It can be convex or concave. This method gives various goods and products an attractive and aesthetic appearance. Moreover, such products will be much more pleasant to the touch than a perfectly flat and smooth surface.

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The definition of stamping and its features
Relief embossing is the formation of a convex or concave image by extrusion. A similar effect is created by using a double cliché, between which the material passes, and a three-dimensional image is made. We assure you that the product with convection will become a key factor in the choice of the buyer. This method is used for the production of postcards, books and other printed materials.

Among the main advantages of hot stamping are the following:
  • attractive image or lettering;
  • the ability to make colorful packaging;
  • attracting the attention of many people;
  • difference from similar printing methods;
  • availability and ease of manufacture.

In relief, a personal stamp is used to apply a picture. If you entrust the work to professionals, a high-quality cliché will be used, which affects the accuracy and clarity of the drawing. The position of the applied picture, different in levels, forms the volumetric elements of decoration. To give a more effective relief, use ultraviolet varnishes, foil, glitters and other components.

Production technology
If you decide to order embossing with gold, it is certainly interesting to hear about the embossing technology. We propose to disassemble the stages that specialists adhere to during manufacturing:
  1. Preparation of clichés, patrice, materials and equipment.
  2. Pressing the material between the cliches and the patrix.
  3. Getting a convex or concave image.
In this way, customers receive the perfect product that is unique and effective.

How good results are achieved
Relief embossing is a fairly popular method of applying images and inscriptions. Despite this, it has its own subtleties, adhering to which, it is possible to achieve good results:

To make an effective relief, a material is used whose thickness is less than the embossing height.
The material must have the ability to "remember" the shape: designer cardboard, premium paper.
Quite simple, but at the same time, the main rules will help to create the most colorful image and graceful relief. Therefore, the best solution would be to entrust the matter to professionals who will competently combine the type of material, design, printing methods and processing. If you want to order hot stamping of a label or any other product, you can do it in our company.

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