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Cosmetics Stickers, Labels' Type & Material
Rolled Labels
Cut-to-Size Labels
Sheet Labels
Rolled Labels
- White premium sticker paper: uncoated / matte / gloss
- B.O.P.P : white / clear / silver metallic
- White vinyl sticker
- Estate texture paper: uncoated / matte
Cut-to-Size Stickers & Labels
White Paper Sticker - Gloss / Matte
With a gloss / matte finish. Not waterproof. Writable.

White Paper Sticker - High Gloss
With a mirror gloss finish. UV-resistant. Not waterproof.

White Vinyl Sticker - High Gloss
Waterproof vinyl. UV-resistant. Indoor/outdoor use.
Sheet Stickers & Labels
- White paper sticker: uncoated
- White paper sticker: high gloss
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Cosmetics Labels' Shapes, Colors & Info
Recommended Info
Recommended Info on Cosmetics Label
- List of ingredients
- Directions for use
- Contraindications
- English translation of the label
Choose a standard shape of cosmetics label
or order any custom by your design
- Full colors (4 color process)
- Black & White
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Bright and colorful cosmetics labels are used to identify the product. In addition to labeling cosmetic products, stickers are used as a marketing tool. In this case, manufacturing companies must create enticing tags. Cosmetics labels contain the following information: date of manufacture; terms and conditions of storage; product name and brand; structure.
Mostly women are consumers of perfumes and cosmetics. If men buy such goods, they are guided exclusively by labels. In this case, you need to create original and unique stickers that will interest buyers.

When creating printing for cosmetic products, it is necessary to take into account the various characteristics of the product. Often containers for perfume have a round or oval shape, a relief surface. In this case, it is necessary to choose the right labels for cosmetics. Cosmetics Stickers can be of the following types: heat-resistant and self-adhesive; pearlescent and transparent; matte or glossy. To create exclusive design of cosmetics labels, various printing methods and techniques are used: embossing, selective varnishing, offset, etc., which allows you to give cosmetics an exquisite unique image.

The materials of manufacture are paper and polyester. In the first case, you need to use additional methods - post-printing processing. It can be laminated or embossed. In order not to waste time and money, it is better to immediately choose strong and durable materials. In this case, a film would be an excellent option. It is characterized by the following advantages: moisture resistance; maintaining the shape of the label when the temperature drops; durability and strength.
Cosmetic stickers and labels are great for shampoos and balms; shower gels; scrubs; masks and other items for hygiene. Products from our company have an affordable cost. Our craftsmen are ready to create stylish and fashionable designs for perfumery and cosmetic products.

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