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Side Gusset Pouches Printing

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To order side gusset pouches is easy and benefit with Pixel Art printing company.
A side gusset pouch is a folded pouch. It is made both in the classic version and in the form of a cassette with welded edges, as well as with inserts made of a material of a different structure. For example, the front and back sides of the side gusset pouch are made of a combined material with printing, the gusset folds are transparent. The version of the "butterfly-bottomed gusset" package makes it more stable.

The following options are available for this type of package: degassing valve; holes in the package (euro slot, oval handle, banana handle,
three holes for fingers, any other shape on request); figured package (any shape on request); cutout for easy opening; forming a package with side walls from another material; forming a bag with a seam in the center of the back wall (fin, overlap, butt with lining) or in the side seam; color printing (flexo or rotogravure) up to 10 colors; multilayer laminated films have high barrier properties (protect the product from impact atmospheric moisture and oxygen).
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