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Any size, shape
1+ day for printing run
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Wine Stickers, Labels' Type & Material
Rolled Labels
Cut-to-Size Labels
Sheet Labels
Rolled Labels
- White premium sticker paper: uncoated / matte / gloss
- B.O.P.P : white / clear / silver metallic
- White vinyl sticker
- Estate texture paper: uncoated / matte
Cut-to-Size Stickers & Labels
White Paper Sticker - Gloss / Matte
With a gloss / matte finish. Not waterproof. Writable.

White Paper Sticker - High Gloss
With a mirror gloss finish. UV-resistant. Not waterproof.

White Vinyl Sticker - High Gloss
Waterproof vinyl. UV-resistant. Indoor/outdoor use.
Sheet Stickers & Labels
- White paper sticker: uncoated
- White paper sticker: high gloss
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Wine Labels' Sizes, Shapes, Colors & Info
Recommended Sizes
Recommended Info
Recommended Label Sizes
- 187 ml: 2" x 2"
- 750 ml: 3.5" x 4" / 4" x 6" / 4" x 4"

Also any custom sizes.
Choose a standard shape of water bottle sticker
or order any custom b your design
- Full colors (4 color process)
- Black & White
Recommended Info on Wine Label
- Brand Name
- Grape Variety
- Tasting Notes
- Origin / Region
- Vintage of Year Made
- Alcohol Content
Configure your order
by needed wine bottle labels options
Wine Bottle Stickers, Labels' FAQ
Can I create a wine bottle label in a custom shape and size?
Yes, the Roll format can be shaped the way you want, including your logo.
Do you use waterproof labels' materials?
We use waterproof materials such as vinyl and all rolled kinds of paper and materials. You can check it on page Stickers & Labels' Printing Options.
Do you have option "Rounded Corners'?
Yes. According your wish we can print water bottle stickers with rounded corners - 1.8" radius.
It helps prevent corners of peeling off.
How much time does printing take?
It depends on order's specific and current workload on factory. Anyway we aim to complete orders
as soon as possible always.
Today, wine labels are primarily a powerful marketing tool that outperforms many types of advertising. Of course, only if they are made with high quality and taste. Therefore, in this matter, excessive savings are definitely inappropriate and it is better to turn to professionals. What should be on a modern label? Manufacturer information; Wine brand; Certificate of excellence and classification; Berry picking year; Spill location; Alcohol capacity and percentage. Despite the fact that today more and more bottle labels are made on the basis of polymer films due to their strength and durability, they are not suitable for wine. All the same, we are dealing with a classic drink, which should be partly associated with antiquity. Therefore, the best option is still paper. But since in itself it does not look particularly original and attractive, special processing methods are used: Cold and hot foil stamping; Lamination; Embossing and the like.

These processing methods make it possible to emphasize the elitism and sophistication of the drink, dispose the buyer and, as it were, say: "You know what you are paying for." Accordingly, it is definitely not worth saving on the label. The wine label is the face of the brand. And it should be attractive. Otherwise, it will simply not be possible to withstand active competition. On the one hand, the label should grab the attention of potential buyers. But on the other hand, wine is not exactly the kind of drink for which you need to choose overly bright and catchy design solutions. Wine labels are often quite restrained. The most popular colors are burgundy, brown, gold, silver and various pastel colors.
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